“Legacy of Three-Color Photography”

National Technical Museum, Prague, Czech Republic, October 29-31 2008

The scientific programme will last 3 days, and will consist of talks, paper presentations, and discussions. Translation to different languages will be available. Detailed schedule will be announced after the deadline for accepting papers.

Accepted papers:

Michael V. Boldasov; Elena G. Sokolova (Luxoft Professional Ltd.; Russian State University for Humanities):
One experiment looking for Abstract Image Description Methodology
Victor Minachin, Dmitry Murashov, Yury Davidov, Dmitry Dimentman (Dorodnicyn Computing Centre of the Russian Academy of Sciences):
Defects in Historic Images Taken in 1900s by the Technique of Triple Color Photography. Is a Robust Defects Isolation Algorithm Possible?
Nils Torske (Levanger Museum):
Harald Renbjör - a Pioneer in Norwegian Color Photography
Jens Wagner (Technische Universität München):
Additive Three Colour Photography as developed by Adolf Miethe; Investigation of the Process and Methods of reproducing Three Colour Lantern Slides
Petra Vávrová (VŠCHT):
History of Color Processes
James Stevenson (Victoria and Albert Museum):
The colour photographs of Curtis
Jan Hubička a Eva Hubičková (Šechtl a Voseček Museum of Photography):
Color works of Bohumil Štastný
Jan Kolář (v důchodu):
Spectroscope by mans that was available to Maxwell, modern reconstruction
Baláž T., Řehoř Z., Racek F., Melša P. (University of Defence):
Multispectral reconnaissance

Approximate Schedule

Wednesday, October 29
Arrival, registration, presentations
14:00 Opening of conference
14:30–16:30 Talks
16:30-17:00 coffee break
17:00-19:00 Opening of exhibition of three color photography at NTM

Thursday, October 30
9:30–11:30 Talks (coffee break)
11:30-14:00 Lunch (not provided)
14:00-16:30 Talks (coffee break)
18:00-21:00 Dinner (provided)

Pátek, 31. října 9:30–11:30 Talks
11:30-14:00 Lunch (not provided)
15:00–Additional programme and departure to Cesky Krumlov for the planned weekend trip.

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