“Legacy of Three-Color Photography”

National Technical Museum, Prague, Czech Republic, October 29-31 2008

Call for Papers

Printed proceedings of the workshop will be produced in English language only. The proceedings should give: an overview of collections of three-color photographs in existence in the world; the history of three-color photography (including individual photographers); and the way these collections are handled today (such as methods of producing digital color renderings). Please consider publishing a paper in the proceedings, and if you can do so, we ask you to send us an abstract before June 30th, 2008. If you are unable to provide the manuscript in English, please inform us in advance so that we can arrange translation.

Preparing a Manuscript

Manuscripts will be accepted only in digital form, in RTF format. The paper should also include a full list of sources (i.e. bibliography), including sources of individual photographs. If you need assistance preparing manuscripts digitally, please let us know at least 2 months in advance.

Each manuscript must contain an abstract of at most 20 lines length, which will be translated to Czech language. Also the affiliation of author, email and possibly telephone/fax numbers may be included.

Preparing photographs

The proceedings will be printed in color (CMYK). The photographs for reproduction must be sent digitally, either in TIF or JPG format, in at least 300DPI resolution at the expected reproduction size in the proceedings. To maximize faithfulness of color in the reproduction, please send the color photographs in sRGB or CMYK colorspace with profiles embedded. If possible, digitize the photograph, together with a color scale that will be cropped away before reproduction.

Format the captions for photographs as follows:

Surname of author, first name of author. Name or short description of photograph. Place it was taken, date, material (e.g. negative, carbro print etc.) dimensions (in centimeters), current owner, name of archive (signature or other form of ID in brackets)

If some of this information is not known, please skip it. If the photograph has been color manipulated (or if it should be color balanced before printing), please mention this in the caption. For three-color photographic prints, or automatic computer restorations from original negatives or slides, it is very desirable to keep the reproduction faithful to the original.

If you need any assistance with preparing a digital scan of photographs, please let us know at least 2 months in advance.

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